Hat/Helmet MountBlank

The Hat/Helmet MountBlank (No. 22-271) is used to support hats and hat-like objects.  The MountBlank has a 1/4" diameter brass stem, 18" long with a pointed end that is fitted with a 2" x 3" brass plate. It comes with 4" x 8" x 8" Ethafoam block that you carve to fit inside the hat. The pointed stem is then stuck into the carved Ethafoam which is supported by the brass plate.  The brass rod is bent to the shape you need to install it into the wall or deck. 

Example: Basket-weave Hat
Here is the object with its final mount and an unshaped Hat/Helmet MountBlank.
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Below, the object is placed on its mount. Click on the hat to see the details of the mount.

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