Plate MountBlank (Deck)

This style Plate MountBlank is used to tip a plate up from the deck for display.  Two bottom tabs soldered to a curved rod are shaped by you to your plate's profile and support its weight. A flat brass strap, also soldered to the curved rod, provides stabilization for the back of the object. The center stem is bent as needed and installed into the deck. Below there is an in situ picture showing a customized variation on the concept.

The Deck Plate MountBlank comes in three sizes, based on the diameter of the object it will easily accommodate :



Small   (No. 22-261D)

For objects  6"  to  8"  in diameter

Medium   (No.22-262D)

For objects  8"  to  10"  in diameter

Large   (No. 22-263D)

For objects 10"  to  12"  in diameter

Example: Woven Grass Disk
Here are each size of deck-style Plate MountBlanks, an artifact and its finished mount.
Hover your curser over each item for a description.


Below is the artifact placed on its mount. Click on the disk to see the details of the mount.


Photographs of  Deck Plate Mount In Situ

Here is a custom variation on the Deck Plate MountBlank that we sell. This majolica plate is perhaps 20" high but needed to be seen from both sides. Here is the plate put into its mount. This example also shows how strong brass can be for relatively little material used. And what fun it was to paint-out the mount.

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