Spider MountBlank

The Spider MountBlank is used to support objects with complex shapes.  It consists of a brass rod stem (a) for wall or deck mounting with three cross-bar arms (b).  The 3rd crossbar helps to orient the object in space.  Beyond our "photo lab" examples, we also have some in situ photos. (May take a while to load...worth the wait!)

The Spider MountBlank comes in three sizes.
Which size to use is determined by the object size, its weight, the potential support points and the angle of display desired. 



Light (No.22-221)

1/16" stem (4" long) with 1/32" crossbars (each 3" long)

Medium (No.22-222)

3/32" stem (4" long) with 1/16" crossbars (each 3-1/2" long)

Firm (No.22-223)

1/8" stem (5-1/2" long) with 3/32" crossbars (each 4" long)

Examples: Bronze Figurine and Gourd
Here are all three sizes of Spider MountBlanks and two objects with finished mounts.
The bronze figurine  uses a medium spider due to its weight, even though it is a small object.
The gourd, although larger than the figurine, is so lightweight, we used a light spider.
Hover your curser over any item in the photo to see a description of that item.

Below are the objects placed on their mounts. Click on each object to see the details of the mount.


Photographs of T's In Situ

This Spider has fattened ends on two of the crossbars. These ends fit neatly into existing holes in the object's broken legs. Our man on his mount.

The mount on the left is a Spider (the other two are T's).

It's especially nice in these situations to bend the stem to follow the contour of the leg.

If you do, then there is no "extra" leg to be seen from the front.  Ah, that's clean.

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